Left or Right?  Sony a99V

Middle Third.  Sony a99V

You Are Being Watched.  Ricoh GR

People Parade.  Ricoh GR

A Priest and His Dog.  Fujifilm XF10

Car Wash: 8m.  Fujifilm XF10

Subway Woman.  Ricoh GR

Destination, Known.  Ricoh GR

You Are Being Watched.  Fujifilm XF10

Man in the Middle.  Fujifilm XF10

Chrome Dome, With Coffee.  Fujifilm XF10

Two Walking: Two Talking.  Fujifilm XF10

Donut Discoveries.  Fujifilm XF10

Selfish Shellfish?   Fujifilm XF10 

Breakfast Under an Unbrella.  Fujifilm XF10

Old Town: New Car.  Ricoh GR

Tats.  Ricoh GR

Tight Turn.  Ricoh GR

Man on a Bike, With Flowers.  Ricoh GR

Whatever Smokes Your Tires.  Ricoh GR

Old Town Morning.  Ricoh GR

Just a Moment.  Ricoh GR

Lonely Walker. Ricoh GR

Enter With Care

Acid Rain

Something for Lunch?

I C U. Do U C Me?

'Do You Think it Will Rain?'

Jaguar, in White Shoes.  Fujifilm XF10

Divine Guidance

Frightened Woman

Coming and Going

Keep Right

You: That Way. Me: This...

Woman With a Black Hat

This Way Up

'I Don't Believe a Word of It!'

Your Message Has Been Sent

'How Much for the Tip?'

The Eye of God.  XF10

Just Looking.  XF10

Travelling Man. Fujifilm XF10

'That Can't be True?  Ricoh GR.

Sweet Story.  Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm.

New Priority.   Fujifilm XF10

Sinners, This Way!    Sony a99V.   Sony G 70-300mm

Generation Gap. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Birds of a Feather. Ricoh GR.

Follow the Line. Ricoh GR

Pilies g. Ricoh GR

Into the Light. Ricoh GR

Long Shadows. Ricoh GR

Dog, Walking Woman. Ricoh GR.

Appeal. Ricoh GR

Souvenirs:     Kaunas Old Town-Senamiestis. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

Old Town Backyard:     Kaunas Old Town-Senamiestis. Ricoh GR

Women on the Move:     Kaunas Old Town-Senamiestis. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

Looking for God.     Kauno senamiestis. Ricoh GR

You Are Being Watched.     Kauno senamiestis. Ricoh GR.

Dogless Day.     Kauno senamiestis. Sony a99V, Zeiss 24mm

Man on a Unicycle.     Kauno senamiestis. Ricoh GR

Up, Up and Away.     Senamiestis. Ricoh GR

Just Keep Walking.     Senamiestis. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24-70mm

Keep Your Mind on the Job.     Senamiestis. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24-70mm

Woman in a Floral Dress.     Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

This Way Up.     Ricoh GR.

Follow My Shadow.     Ricoh GR.

Going Up? Coming Down?     Ricoh GR

You're On Candid Camera!     Ricoh GR

Conspirators.     Ricoh GR

The Old Town TT.     Ricoh GR

Woman With a Plastic Bag.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Take a Peek.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Woman With a White Scarf.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm.

Dramatis Personae.     Ricoh GR

Nemen Amble.     Ricoh GR

Exit, Stage Right.     Ricoh GR

Angels in the Rain.     Ricoh GR

The Aliens Have Landed!     Ricoh GR

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