Time Check.  Sony a99V

You Are Being Watched.  Sony a99

Unfiltered Panorama.  Sony a99V

Thomas is Amused.  Sony a99V

Smiles are Free. Roses Are Not.  Sony a99V

The Man Who Chose to Ignore Charles.  Sony a99V

Divine Photographer at the Holy Donut.  Sony a99V.

609.  Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300

Poles Apart.  Ricoh GR

The Wisdom of Age.  Fujifilm XF10

Deep Thinking at the Donut.  Ricoh GR

Girls at a Bus Stop.  Ricoh GR

Decision Time.  Ricoh GR

Give Way to Women and Children


Number One

Ignoring Agnė

Morning Call.  Fujifilm XF10

A Day in the Life of...

Looking for a Body

Where's My Ticket?

I Have No Explanation


Waiting for the Bus

Options for Two

Worried Woman

'What! Me Worry?'.  XF10

Frankly, I Don't Give a Damn!  XF10

Small Worlds.  XF10

Signs of the Times.  XF10

People Parade.  XF10

Laidoto.  Centras  Fujifilm XF10

510.  Music Theatre Bus Stop.  Ricoh GR.

Sutmose: In The Dark.  Ricoh GR

Sun-Seeker.  Ricoh GR

Broken?  Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm.

Reflection. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

At the Bus Stop. Ricoh GR

Girls Support Girls:     Central Kaunas. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

Spotty Jane      Central Kaunas. Ricoh GR

Birds of a Feather.      Central Kaunas. Ricoh GR

New Age:     Kaunas. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

In Step:     Kaunas. Sony a99V. Sony G 70-300mm

Letter Boxes,     Aušros g. Centras. Ricoh GR

Typo.     Centras. Ricoh GR

Fifty-Fifty.     Centras. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm.

High Care.     Centras. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

The Pub With No Beer.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Smoking Zone.     Centras. Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Morning.     Sony a99V. Sony Zeiss 70-300mm

Lonely Lady.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Unwrapped.     Sony a99V. Zeiss 24mm

Lace.     Ricoh GR

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